The Enchantress of Florence Рушди Салман

The Enchantress of Florence Рушди Салман

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A tall, yellow-haired young European traveller calling himself Mogor dellAmore, the Mughal of Love, arrives at the court of the real Grand Mughal, the Emperor Akbar, with a tale to tell that begins to obsess the whole imperial capital. When Argalia returns home with his Mughal mistress the city is mesmerized by her presence, as two worlds are brought together by one woman attempting to command her own destiny...But is Mogors story true. And if so, then what happened to the lost princess. The stranger claims to be the child of a lost Mughal princess: Qara Koz, Lady Black Eyes, a great beauty believed to possess powers of enchantment and sorcery, who becomes the lover of a certain Argalia, a Florentine soldier of fortune.