Jude the Obscure Гарди Томас

Jude the Obscure Гарди Томас

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Jude the Obscure is a dark yet compassionate account of the insurmountable frustrations of human existence which reflect Hardys yearning for the spiritual values of the past and his despair at their decline.Introduction and Notes by Norman Vance, Professor of English, University of Sussex. But life as social outcasts proves undermining, and when tragedy occurs, Sue has no resilience and Jude is left in despair. Hardys portrait of Jude, the idealist and dreamer who is a prisoner of his own physical nature, is one of the most haunting and desperate of his creations. Jude Fawley is a rural stone mason with intellectual aspirations. Frustrated by poverty and the indifference of the academic institutions at the University of Christminster, his only chance of fulfilment seems to lie in his relationship with his unconventional cousin, Sue Bridehead.